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Wake The FCK Up! Organic DECAF Coffee

Wake The FCK Up! Organic DECAF Coffee

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Start your day with Wake The FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee, a premium blend of smooth and tasty combination of beans. This medium roast coffee is certified organic and Swiss graded, and it has a delicious flavor profile of caramel and citrus flavors. These beans are grown at an altitude of 4,593 feet on clay mineral-rich soil by the Cooperativa Agricola de Servicios Norandino in Piura, Amazonas, Peru. The coffee is carefully washed in gullies and sun-dried before being decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method. Take pleasure in the perfect cup of decaf coffee that will satisfy your cravings without giving you the jitters. Get Wake the FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee right now to wake up your mornings!

An Unforgettable Blend

Experience the rich aroma and unmatched flavor of Wake the FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee. This meticulously crafted blend combines the best of organic coffee beans, expert roasting techniques, and a Swiss Water Process decaffeination method. Indulge in a decaf coffee that's sure to awaken your senses and delight your taste buds.

Premium Quality and Certified Organic

Our Wake the FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee is made from 100% organic coffee beans.  These beans are grown with care and without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, ensuring a clean and flavorful brew. Swiss graded for its exceptional quality, our decaf coffee guarantees a satisfying cup every time.

Tasting Profile - Caramel, Smooth, and Citrus Notes

With Wake the FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee, you'll experience a delightful array of flavors that includes notes of caramel, which adds a touch of sweetness to the coffee. Each sip's smoothness is matched by fresh citrus undertones, resulting in a well-rounded and pleasurable coffee experience.

Swiss Water Process - Pure Decaffeination

We use the Swiss Water Process to remove caffeine from our coffee beans. This method uses water and a specific filtering mechanism to decaffeinate the beans while keeping their flavor integrity. It is 100% chemical-free. You don't have to worry about jitters or sleepless nights when you drink Wake the FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee.

Order Wake the FCK Up! Organic Decaf Coffee now and discover the ideal balance of flavor, sustainability, and quality. Enjoy a decaf coffee that will leave you with a memorable and fulfilling coffee experience. With each cup, you'll feel renewed and energized!


How is our Organic DECAF Coffee Roasted and Shipped?

All orders are fresh roasted when ordered and hand-packed in the U.S.A. We bring value by our ability to offer the freshest coffee available on the internet. The coffee is Shipped Free the same day it is roasted on whole bean coffee and the following day on ground coffee.

Once shipped, standard ground shipping by USPS can take an additional 1-5 business days depending on the final location. All orders include tracking information.

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